Hello friends!!

Well, its been a while...again....

But, I have a good excuse this time, I promise! ;)

I haven't shared with all of you that my landlord decided not to pay his mortgage for 10 months and we finally found out April 1st that it was being foreclosed on. We were going to be without a place to live as of June 21st. Since, as you know, I have a family and run two businesses out of my home, its semi-crucial that we have one. So the search began and 15 houses later, we finally found the perfect place for our family and brood of little ones. The packing began as our new landlord wanted us in as soon as possible.

That we did, one week after signing the lease, we moved in Saturday May 1st and have been busy unpacking since. Combine that with packing initially, house hunting for three weeks, working full-time, 3 kids, Tika's 6th birthday, Jay's 36th birthday and Mother's Day and you'd be apologizing for not blogging either. Mind you, I also didn't have internet for 8 days and I was about ready to move again just for the opportunity for wi-fi...I was going slightly crazy {idea for a future post to come}.

Anyway, welcome to our new home. I will post pics soon of the inside and yard soon. Its good to be back, I have so much to share with you!!