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Oh so pretty...

I recently joined Stampin' Up as a demonstrator to help support my hobby for stamping and crafting. I placed a large order to make Tika's birthday invitations for this weekend. Here's how they turned out...

These are her Thank You Cards:

So although these stamps are not from Stampin' Up, I had to use them since that was the reason I bought them :) and they're cute!! I did, however, use the Stampin' Up ink, paper, ribbon and markers. I have to say, I love their products!!

These are some other cards I made with Heather. I thought they turned out pretty cute:


These were made with Stampin' Up stamps and supplies.

I will be making some crowns, journal books, bookmarks and headbands tonight, tomorrow and Saturday for Tika's birthday party on Saturday. Check back to see how those turned out!!

Have a great Thursday!!

Happy Easter!

We were all a little sunburned, sore and tired from our adventure yesterday yet we still managed to have a great Easter. We went to Jay's parents house where we were joined with Jay's out of town relatives...all 9 of them making a total of 17! It was very nice to relax, eat good food and enjoy great company. The Easter Bunny hopped to our house last night and left goodies for the kiddos...

We all dolled up in our new Easter clothes and forgot to take any pictures. I do, of course, have a couple good ones of QJ. I don't really know how that happens, to be honest! Maybe since I am busy spending all my time with him and watching his ever move to keep him out of trouble...I tend to snap him more often?!? Well, thats my story at least and I'm stickin' to it! Actually, I don't think Tika and Zeek would sit still long enough for me. Their shots are more posed where QJ's is much more favorite!

Anyway, hope you all had a great Easter!!

the boat...down the Verde River...

We took another adventure this weekend with the kids, Jay's parents, their friends and Jay's Aunt and cousins. We headed South to warm weather and decided to take on the challenge of the Verde River. No, its not running nearly as fast as it has but it was still an adventure none the less.

Here's what the kids looked like heading down...

Here's what we left:

Here's where we were headed:

Here are some great pictures of the trip. It took about 6 hours, 1 hour was spent on the island eating lunch and another hour was spent prepping and packing up. The kids did great!! We didn't flip the boat which was nice but we did hit a tree and then later got attacked by another tree. It was, as I said, quite the adventure!

I think Jay has turned me into a river rat! I had so much fun rowing and listen to my Captain Jim that I hope I get the chance to do another one, maybe a little faster!

The kids did better than we expected. The water was cold and they had to sit in it the whole boat ride since there was water on the floor of the raft. QJ had a blast splashing in the puddles on the floor while Tika and Zeek squealed with delight when Jay ducked them in the cold, cold water. Mind you, this water was snow the day before! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend also!

I went to bed last night with a restless, itchy little man (aka QJ). I woke up this morning to a red, spotted monster!!

What the heck...?!?!

So I ran to the phone, called MVP (I happen to know the number by heart with 3 kids and all) and scheduled an appointment for 10:10. I grabbed the monster's hand, ready to change his diaper and...

What the heck...?!?!?

He disappeared...and in his place QJ stood looking up at me.

What the heck...?!?!

So I ran to the phone, canceled the appointment and went about my day.

We had breakfast, played with our friends, had snack, played outside, had lunch and took a nice long nap (QJ, not me...). Life was good..

Two hours later, a little warm body comes sneaking up on me and I turn to pick him up and...

What the heck...?!?!

The red, spotty monster was BACK!!

Ok, I'm confused...

So I ran to the phone (can you tell I got my workout in today just by running to the phone?!?!) and called MVP and scheduled yet another appointment for 3:45. I grab the monsters hand, change his diaper and send him off with Jay.

An hour later, Jay and QJ finally came home, that's red, spotted monster in sight.

What the heck, you ask?!!? Well...its...

H.I.V.E.S...yes...hives! None of my children have EVER been allergic to anything before...I didn't know how to handle this sudden attack. Do I bust out the What To Expect the First Year? Me? Never. I dose up the Benadryl. Good night you...spots and all.

But the question remains, what the heck...{?!?!?} did we have between last night and this afternoon that caused it?!?!

Blueberries? Nope, he eats those almost daily.
Strawberries? Nope, see answer above.
Bread? Nope, see answer above.
Cheese? Nope, see answer above.
Juice? Ahhh...I think I got something here...

Last night I experimented and made a new frozen juice that we were trying for the first time. He drank it with dinner and with lunch...


He's allergic to....


Go figure! Poor guy!!

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