the boat...down the Verde River...

We took another adventure this weekend with the kids, Jay's parents, their friends and Jay's Aunt and cousins. We headed South to warm weather and decided to take on the challenge of the Verde River. No, its not running nearly as fast as it has but it was still an adventure none the less.

Here's what the kids looked like heading down...

Here's what we left:

Here's where we were headed:

Here are some great pictures of the trip. It took about 6 hours, 1 hour was spent on the island eating lunch and another hour was spent prepping and packing up. The kids did great!! We didn't flip the boat which was nice but we did hit a tree and then later got attacked by another tree. It was, as I said, quite the adventure!

I think Jay has turned me into a river rat! I had so much fun rowing and listen to my Captain Jim that I hope I get the chance to do another one, maybe a little faster!

The kids did better than we expected. The water was cold and they had to sit in it the whole boat ride since there was water on the floor of the raft. QJ had a blast splashing in the puddles on the floor while Tika and Zeek squealed with delight when Jay ducked them in the cold, cold water. Mind you, this water was snow the day before! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend also!