Having a blog that is dedicated to the workings of our family is quite exciting! Not only am I able to share it with friends and family that may not be able to see us often due to distance or time but I also get a "scrapbook" of our family without breaking out the scissors!

To break the ice I decided to introduce our small family for future reference. You will be hearing these same names over and over throughout this blogs lifespan (names have been changed/abbreviated to protect the innocent):

Jay (Dad): 35 year old small business owner (hVac) that loves watching movies, skiing, poker, football and soccer
Britt (Mom/Me/I): 29 year old daycare provider that loves reading, baking, sewing, creating, scrapbooking and writing
Zeek (brother/son I): 9 year old third grader that loves soccer, playing video games, memorizing football stats and snowboarding
Tika (sissy/daughter): 5 year old kindergartner that enjoys dancing, 'wearing' makeup, stealing moms high heels, Hannah Montana and skiing
QJ (son II/toughie): 2 year old devil that thrives on Dora, playing with hotwheels, sugar and little sleep

We are lucky to live in the gorgeous mountains in Northern Arizona. Here is the view from our front porch:

I should warn you--this blog is written from my perspective but the other 4 characters I named are my inspiration (they deserve some credit....) :)

::Stay tuned to read about funny stories, interesting adventures and crazy moments::