and you know what that means, soccer!

Yes, Zeek plays on a traveling soccer league through Flagstaff United Soccer Club and we are committed to soccer games every Saturday (almost every Saturday). It can be a little trying...weekends are meant to relax, right? Not drive 2 hours to play/watch a 1 hour game to drive back another 2 hours. But guess what, its worth it.

Zeek has officially, after 6 years of soccer (this is his 3rd year on the traveling league) turned into a true athlete! He plays with passion and takes every opportunity to shoulder shove his opponent or show off his fancy footwork. I gotta admit...he looks great out there...very natural and focused. He claims he eats/sleeps/breathes soccer (can we say ADIDAS anyone??) and I think he's right.

Although his team lost 2-0 (they did score once but it didn't count since they were offsides), they are winners in every right. They played hard, worked as a team and really gave the other team a run for their money.

Next weekend we have an actual tournament (4 games in 2 days) in Phoenix. Check back to see some action shots of Zeek in all his glory.

{The boys on the field...gorgeous location surrounded by lush foothills and cacti}

{QJ toeing the line...that boy thrives on pushing the envelope}