This 10 digit number is my police report number. Yes, you read correctly...I am cited in a police report. Now, before you go jumping to was NOT my fault and I am ok...

Yesterday afternoon I was involved in a car accident on I-17 southbound. I was in the left lane going about 60-65 mph. I had a large F350 in the right lane next to me, I actually was behind him not but 2 minutes before but decided to pass him. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise to my right. I looked over thinking the truck had a blown a tire. When I looked, however, I was graced with the image of a red 2 door sedan that had obviously just merged from I-40 Westbound onto I-17 Southbound and had just hit the truck next to me. After colliding with the truck, the red sedan spun around to the left and came head on into my lane. Before I could even think about it, I was slamming on my brakes to avoid hitting this car and plowing right through it. I swerved quickly to the left (this saved both our lives and left skid marks on the freeway if you happen to look leading into the median). I still collided with the red sedan with my right bumper, bounced off and ended up in the median.

Well...actually...that's not where I "ended up". I plowed down--into--and through the median (dirt/rocks/vegetation)and up the other side to finally cross 3 lanes of oncoming Northbound traffic. I ended up in one piece on the Northeast side of the freeway...quite a distance from where I began on the Southwest side. (I noticed after the fact that there is a large (about 3 feet around) cement light pole in the median that should have been in my path that I avoided?!?!)

As you can see, not much damaged occurred to my beast of a machine. It handled the impact quite well. I have some damage to the back tires as I went off-roading at top speed (there is a red bull can shoved into the engine under my car from nosediving into the median). I will know more about the damage to the Yukon after the adjuster and auto repair take a peek at it.

I am thankful that all I sustained is a very sore/jacked back, sore arms, ribs and neck. (My organs feel jostled and tender from my bumper car adventure.) The highway patrol man casually mentioned to this shock induced survivor (me) that he was surprised I was alive, he should be picking me up off the freeway right at that moment. If you think that came across as wasn't...he was reminding me that I could very well have been slammed into at 65 mph by a semi-truck that was traveling north when I made my ballet dance across the freeway. I don't know how I got so lucky. I can't decide if I was in the right place at the right time or in the wrong place at the wrong time...

My only goal as I was barreling down/through/up the median was please don't roll...please don't roll...I will die. No, my life did not flash before my eyes...I was focused on controlling my car and STOPPING!! I don't even remember skidding across the northbound lanes or finally stopping. I just remember reaching into my pocket and grabbing my cell phone to call Jay and 9-1-1.

All I know today is that I was thankful to be able to come home and hug my family. I was granted an extension...there is something/some reason as to why I am here. My mind is reeling. I feel as if I'm in a fog. I keep replaying the accident, what could I have done differently...

I catch myself staring off into space, thinking...pondering. I guess I'm still reacting. My doctor has told me that he expects the adrenaline to wear off today or tomorrow and the complete reality of the situation will hit me in the face. Its crazy how our minds/bodies go into survival mode...the consequences are that to protect it, it numbs it. I will need to feel what I went through. Its hard to put a price on the emotional/mental aspect of this accident. I will know how much my car was damaged by the total number...what about me?

I have had people downplay what happened..."the car looks fine, your so lucky, must have been nothing..." If the car looked how I feel...there would be nothing left. I am lucky my car doesn't look worse, it means I survived. Now I just need to heal.

Interesting fact: If you are driving at the speed of 65 mph, it will take you a footballs field distance to come to a complete stop.