I have committed to making 30 cards in the 30 days of March with Heather over at Scottsdale Stamper. I purchased all my card making supplies on Sunday and have become a little distracted since to start my challenge.

{Here is an example of a card to make that I stole from Heather's very cute blog}

Now that I am feeling back on track, I sat down and made a list of all the birthdays/holidays/events for 2010 that I want to focus on making. So far I have:

18 Birthday cards
7 Party/Event invitations
3 Sets of thank you cards for birthday parties
20 Holiday cards and
30 Christmas cards

to make. Not too bad if I break them down into projects. My goal is to get started tomorrow and work through the rest of March. I hope to post them as I go.

Be sure to check the challenge out at:


Hope you are all having a great Tuesday!!