that it can snow 6-12 inches and be sunny and warm ALL in the same state!!!

This weekend was great! It was warm on Saturday (perfect for soccer watching) and rained Sunday (fun for soccer playing). Both were enjoyable. We had a great time watching Zeek's games, they of course played hard, scored many but won none!

We had a nice relaxing time over at the Sinkwitz's where we BBQ'd, made some cards, and made more cards...(Thanks Heather!) :)

Tika enjoyed making flowers out of paper (which she hung in her room) and QJ finally warmed up to the dogs which makes my life easier! Zeek unwound by playing video games with the boys and Jay caught up with Chris watching Dexter...(have you ever seen that show!?!?! GREAT!!).

Anyway, we came home in horrible conditions, it was snowing up here and the highway was bad. We counted 9 cars off the road, in the median or on the side. I felt sick and couldn't wait to get home, OUT of the car and OFF the highway!! Thankfully, Jay drove very slow and we made it home safe and sound.

We came from this:

Came home to this:

Can you believe its only a 2 hour distance?! Laughable really.