Ok, it is now March and I have had these photos on my laptop since...July?! I haven't done anything with them {didn't know what, yet, to do with them}...until now!

I bought this really neat wireless picture printer (for printing pictures of course) to use for Scrapbooking. I was messing with it about, oh...5 minutes ago, getting it to print. I randomly selected this picture of Tika, the center one with her hair flying and her serious smile on her face...its one of my favorites!!! Anyway...I realized during editing it that I could make a collage with it in Picasa (love this, BTW!!). So I pulled all her soccer pictures from last season together and randomly rotated, spun, cropped, and placed them to look like this {I know, it looks like a pile of pictures but remember, I've never done this before!!}:

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Cool, isn't it!!! I love how it turned out! The best part is that there is this little button on the bottom of the editing page that says, "Blog This!"...so...I pressed it and voila!! It posted to my blog!?!?!? WOW!! Amazing...