Thank goodness its Friday!! I can admit to being completely exhausted by the end of a long work week (56 hours long to be exact) and I am the first to confess to being poor company come Friday night.

Between you and me...I don't want to see another diaper, bottle, or sippy cup nor hear another knock or ring of the doorbell for ATLEAST 61 hours. I want relief from my dishwasher, dust buster, and hand sanitizer. I want a break to make breakfast/lunch/snack for only the Smart 5, not the nose dripping (said with love) 12.

I NEED quiet time and relief from the constant whining, 2 year old attitudes, 3 year old tattling, 9 month old crying, 1 year old screaming, and the all ages toy throwing. If I hear the word NO! one more time....

{{OkOkOk...I admit...I love how Logan tells me he Wuves me or that Molly will follow me around the house until I finally sit and she crawls in my lap as if she belongs there. I giggle when I think of how Grace will perch wherever her little hinny will fit (usually on the edge of the bouncy seat)

or how Chloe tries to manipulate me into an extra snack because Molly's still hungry. I visualize Linus' or Dylan's smile when I least expected them to grace me with one or I melt when I hear Nova or Kaeleigh's belly giggle that only 9 month olds can make. I smile thinking of how Austin 'sleep walks' for the first 20 minutes after I wake him from nap or Autumn's grunts when she wants your attention (sounds like a mix between hey/uggh). I look forward to Violet's little wave when she leaves each evening as if she was entering the Miss America pageant and I listen in awe when I hear Mae Mae's vocabulary at 2 (she speaks as well as Tika at 6!!). I marvel at how each child knows the others shoes, sippy cups, mommy's and daddy's and even, yes, who has "the" poop. Yes, there are amazing moments and amazing little individuals in my little world at the Smart Start Daycare that make each day worth it...they keep me going (the Red Bull helps).}}

With that in mind...I am so thankful for my decision to move the daycare up to the loft

and I pat myself on the back for the brilliant idea of consolidating my highchairs (they are as hidden as Waldo) from 6 to 3 which has giving me back my main level. I can even entertain...if I can find the energy...

I love that I moved the diaper changing station from the hallway by the bathroom to my laundry room so I don't have to bump into it when I turn the corner since seeing all those diaper bins and wipes boxes was too much of a reminder/nightmare of how many diapers I change each day (63 give or take).

(Hallway AFTER moving diaper better used in my humble opinion)

(Diapers in said laundry organized am I?!?!) :)

I love that I can pretend (Friday night through Monday morning at least) that I actually LIVE here!! No, I don't have a closet (its now a nap room)

nor an office OR my "craft room" any longer which has moved from the spacious loft (shared with my office) to my hall closet

and my 'office' to my dining room...

but heck...we can't have it all. I'll take what I can get at this point and right now its...perfect! I love what I do...I really do. I just thank goodness for Fridays.

Enjoy the view from my perspective and see what I see now...would you have ever guessed that I watch 16 kids here!?!?

Now you get it...

Have a great weekend...I will!!